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7 Tips To Make Your Week More Productive

Mental Self-Care

Another work week is here, time for excessive amounts of caffeine and a jungle of sticky notes. We all love the feeling of a productive day, that sense of accomplishment when we really made the most out of our time.

A common mindset is that greater productivity means working harder and for longer stints of time. Although this works for some people, this can lead to burnout and a decrease in focus.

Work Smarter Not Harder. Time is Valuable.

Here are 7 practical tips to make this week more productive.

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Me Too


You may have noticed #metoo or “me too” on your friend’s social media status. Thousands of women have decided to step out in solidarity and showcase that they have been a victim of sexual assault or harassment.

Where did Me Too Start

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How to Manage Stress

Mental Self-Care

Stress is essentially our body going into fight-or-flight mode. A rush of norepinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol prepares our bodies and minds for the situation being thrown at us. Some stress is good (such as the day of your big exam ) some stress is not so good (such as being fired from work). Regardless of the cause, it is beneficial to understand techniques to manage stress.

Identify and Manage Stress

First and foremost, let us understand the basics. Stress is your body responding to the demands being presented to it. Stress can cause us to be more productive and force us to focus. If my client list keeps growing and my weekly deliverables escalates, I might feel more stress due to the increasing workload.  A doctor may see a patient and realize they need immediate surgery, this type of stress pushes us to perform better.

Stress can also be related to life stressors that are very difficult to handle like divorce, moving to a new home or a loss of income. Stress can also come from internal stimuli instead of external. Jasmine might have low self-esteem and she doubts how well she performed at her interview. Despite the fact stress will not help Jasmine in this situation, she is worrying so much (anxiety) it is causing a stress reaction in her body.

Anything that puts a load on you can be considered stressful. External or Internal. 

woman managing stress

The issues usually arise when stress is constant. Chronic stress can lead to mental, emotional and physical issues. It is important to note that I mentioned it can impact you PHYSICALLY. Many people don’t realize the full impact of stress and a go-go-go lifestyle.

Let us look at a few symptoms to better understand how we can be impacted by stress. These lists are not fully inclusive, but it gives you an idea of what stress can do.

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Mental Health APPtention

Give Your Mental Health APPtention

Mental Self-Care

Most of have smart phones with a wide array of apps. We have apps for restaurants, banking, keeping  us on task for work, but what about an app for our emotional well being? It is time to give your mental health APPtention.

6 Beneficial Apps for Mental Health

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