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How to Calm Someone in Distress

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It is a valuable skill to be able to calm someone down when they are upset. Whether in the heat of anger during an argument, assisting family members or even someone experiencing a psychotic episode. All of these situations and many other scenarios benefit when someone understands how to calm someone while also remaining calm themselves. Skills in verbal de-escalation can be effective and potentially save someone’s life dependent on the severity of the situation and their individual emotional concerns.

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Childhood Anxiety

anxietyIslamic Psychology

When we think of anxiety we tend to imagine adults, typically ones with a stressful work environment or in difficult life situations. Many people assume that children and adolescents do not really face anxiety and their complaints are just imaginary. Nothing could be further from the truth. The world around us and the pace of life are changing rapidly and many children and adolescents have very real anxiety problems. Actually, anxiety disorder is one of the most common health issues facing adolescents.

Our faith in Allah alongside our lifestyle choices can help our youth to manage their anxiety.

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