Month: January 2018

In the Age of Islamophobia, Why Reverts Are Leaving Islam

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In The Age of Islamophobia, Why Reverts Are Leaving Islam

“The overwhelming emotional state you will see in any revert group — online and offline— is one of isolation and lack of acceptance. It is neither the lifestyle nor their beliefs.  Islam does have a high rate of reverts, with a majority of women, accepting the faith. Yet, many ignore the darkness that eclipses this beautiful fact. Many reverts become apostates. This is what we hear from imams who pastor to converts, we hear this in revert chat groups. ”

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5 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

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Originally posted to PsychCentral. Edited here for Islamic content.

It’s good to have goals, big and small. Perhaps you want to write a book (I do)  , lose weight, pray with more sincerity or attend the mosque more often . Some goals are more difficult than others. People that make the resolution to drop 20lbs understand just how hard it is to maintain some of our goals after the initial momentum fades. Our brain is wired to favor routines over change, even if that change is healthier. Lets look at some practical skills to achieve your goals!

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