Expanding Spiritual Consciousness


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Expanding your spiritual consciousness describes a type of spiritual awareness. An increasing awakening to that divine connection within us, our spiritual selves. It impacts how we perceive the world around us.

If we look at all 3 Abrahamic religions, we see a commonality that they are meant to help us grow higher in our awareness, knowledge and insight into Allah  . Our rituals,  prayer for example, encourages us to tap into that divine connection which is light in our hearts encouraging growth.

Rumi. Monique Hassan
Making an effort to spend time with this part of our heart allows us to think and feel freely without the confines of our typical logic based thinking. We cannot expect our spiritual consciousness to expand if we are not giving it time and attention.

 Your Spiritual Path

Your spiritual path, or faith walk, is unique to your own heart. What causes a profound and transcendent moment for me may not for you and vice versa. It can be helpful to look to coaches or Islamic blogs for inspiration, but your path is your own.

Our spiritual paths challenge us, force us to become more self-aware and look deeper than we have before.  The more you experience these challenges and open your heart, the more you can master your thought patterns and emotions which will enable you to better control your behaviors.

Open Your Heart

Openness is crucial to spiritual awareness, the very nature of spiritual awareness is being open-hearted . This striving to connect to the divine implies we are disconnected in some way. Yet, if we truly believe that all we do is seen by Allah  then everything is connected.

We see beauty all around us from leaves falling to the laugh of a baby; all beauties of the creation which can provoke an emotional and profound response from us when we allow it. Looking down at our hands, these hands are not truly our property, when we die they return to the earth’s clay and our spirits return to the creator. In this we see that we are always connected to the divine, but how often do we pay attention and take it in.  How often are we witness to signs yet we are blind to them because we restrict our hearts instead of opening them. Our religion should never harden our hearts, it should make it blossom.

It is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts


Quran 22:46

Spiritual Detox

Just as we detox and cleanse our physical bodies for optimal health and performance, we must detox our spiritual hearts of negativity, doubt and learn to be vulnerable. The ability to be vulnerable to others  is a skill  that requires trust. I will be the first to admit learning to trust again was a difficult part of my faith walk. We must learn to trust in others ; most importantly we must trust in Allah , , Al-Muhaymin (the guardian, protector)

I understand you don’t want to be hurt and your walls are up for protection, but you cannot hope to expand your spiritual consciousness if you are hiding your true self behind walls.

4 Tips to Detoxing Your Spiritual Heart

  • Charity. Donate your time helping others, not just money. Give without expectation of reward. Such acts will bring more light and warmth to your heart.
  • Choose your friends wisely, they will impact your spiritual and emotional health. Being around negative people will only make your path more difficult.
  • Pray your 5 salah with sincerity. Take steps forward to improve your prayer.  Dedicate an area of your home for this purpose, keep it simple in décor so you can focus on the internal more than the external.
  • Make duaa and do it frequently.

Your Senses Linked to Your Spirituality

Your senses are constantly picking up cues around you and processing information. We are largely  unaware of everything  we are sensing. It would be sensory overload if we thought about every single thing. Consciously tuning into our senses can help us ground ourselves in the moment and feel, truly feel.

Take a moment to sit in nature, somewhere you feel safe. Focus on what you are smelling, let it linger and take in deep breaths through your nose. Trail your hand across the ground or hold a flower in your hands, feel the texture of the flower petals. Listen to the wind blowing. Taste a sweet berry. Taking the time to notice these beautiful aspects of the creation and internalizing them helps you to feel more grateful  thus emboldening that connection. It also provides this experience of the spirit within life. Whether it is a person or a tree, it is interacting and connected to the universe, as are we.

Final Thoughts

Expanding our spiritual consciousness is a step in optimizing our quality of life. At the core, at the heart of things, we are spiritual beings created by an incomprehensible power and beyond-human level of love. Yes, we are human, but that is only the shell.



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