Mental Health APPtention

Give Your Mental Health APPtention

Mental Self-Care

Most of have smart phones with a wide array of apps. We have apps for restaurants, banking, keeping  us on task for work, but what about an app for our emotional well being? It is time to give your mental health APPtention.

6 Beneficial Apps for Mental Health

PTSD COACH is an app developed by the VA’s National Center for PTSD. This app allows you to track your symptoms and better identity triggers. It also features treatment information and easy to use stress management tools.


Anxiety Coach was developed by the Mayo clinic. It features self-assessments, personalized goals, trend analysis and over 500 coping skills to try.


Mental Health APPtention. Headspace


HeadSpace is a meditation and mindfulness app. Featuring guided meditations alongside deep breathing exercises delivered in an animated aesthetic.


MindShift is aimed specifically at our youth. It helps teens and young adults cope with anxiety through the use of effective coping skills , inspirational quotes and fun activities.


TalkSpace allows you to interact with licensed therapists AND you can do it anonymously. Video and text-only chat is available.

Mental Health Apptention. Talkspace


MuslimPro is an app I personally use. This is not necessarily a mental health app, however, one’s spiritual health can have a direct impact on their emotional health. You can listen to Quran recitations including English translations (for those of us that need it), request dua from the community and read a list of various duas such as ones for anxiety and sorrow. Yes, it also tells you prayer times .


Everyone can benefit from increasing their self-care

This is not a fully inclusive list, but it gives you an idea of the variety of mental health apps that are out there. You don’t need to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or depression to benefit from these. Everyone can benefit from increasing their self-care and self-awareness.

Apps exist for just about everything in our technology driven world and we give them plenty of attention, it is about time we gave our mental health APPtention. We see people with their heads in their phones all day long. Instead of playing games or checking our social media this can be an opportunity to exercise coping skills, be mindful of our emotional state and focus on positive thoughts.

If you use any of these apps or you have used others, please share your experiences below!

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