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Me Too


You may have noticed #metoo or “me too” on your friend’s social media status. Thousands of women have decided to step out in solidarity and showcase that they have been a victim of sexual assault or harassment.

Where did Me Too Start

So how did this begin? You may have heard of the Harvey Weinstein case. A rich and powerful Hollywood producer that used his position and money to sexually harass and abuse women. It sounds like a Hollywood movie, the budding new star thinks the powerful producer is going to mentor her. She smiles naively with pink, blushing cheeks and imagines her name in a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. That naive smile is quickly changed when the “mentor” becomes her predator. Afterwards, he throws money at her to shut her mouth and goes home to his wife.

Following this, Alyssa Milano tweeted about the women of the world who have been assaulted writing “me too” on their status to showcase the magnitude of this problem.

me too

Authority and Sexuality

Sexuality is linked to authority and power. Biologically, men are more prone to aggression and this often acted as a protectant for women. This is why so many women say they want their “knight in shining armor”. They want someone strong.

Dominance and authority have been used by men for ages to win over mates. The powerful warriors returning from battle never had a shortage of women. Male dominance and aggression are often associated with being a “manly man” and considered attractive by many.

If you disagree with this, pick up a female romance novel or go watch 50 shades of Grey. The movie theatre was not full of men, it was packed full of women.

In addition to this, our society pushes this idea that money and power are tools for achieving anything you desire without consequence. We can look at our President and see this very concept in action. A rich man with authority and zero political experience was elected into office even though we all know his famous audio clip about sexually assaulting women.

We live in a hypersexualized society that rewards men for being aggressive and grants extraordinary power to those with money. Weinstein and others like him are a product of this. Nature and nurture coming together to create a storm of violence, sexuality and narcissism.


Modesty Under Attack by Me Too

It would not be a proper social media trend if someone didn’t find a way to attack Muslim women wearing hijab or label those of us that fully cover as being victims. Right wing groups are labeling Islamic modesty as oppression while left wing groups are labeling us as victims of patriarchy. Both of these groups are taking our voice!

The #metoo hashtag was meant to bring awareness , yet we are seeing women come under attack for their clothing choices?

Religious head covering

Lets get something straight. Hijab and niqab are part of a woman’s obedience to Allah (Glory to God, the most exalted). We, the Muslim women, preserve our modesty for the sake of our faith.

To all the Me Too Statuses

Statistically, every 98 seconds someone in America is being sexually assaulted. That is the reality. You are not alone and you did not deserve it. Women must be vigilant and aware of our surroundings. We must take the hand of our fellow sisters and stand united.


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